Innovative Mounts 92-96 Prelude Rear Mounting Bracket 88-91 Honda Prelude Traction Bar
B-Series Rear Mounting Bracket for the 90-93 (DA) Integra / 88-91 Civic and CR-X (ED)
Designed to fit the DA Integra & ED Civic chassis with B/D series motors.
Designed To fit 1988-1991 Honda Prelude (BA)
Traction bar designed to fit the BA Prelude chassis with B-Series engines.
92-00 Civic B-Series A/C Bracket 2012+ CIVIC Si REPLACEMENT MOUNT KIT
A/C Bracket for the 1992-2000 Honda Civic (EJ/EH/EG)
Designed for 5th & 6th gen Civics with B/D series engines.
Replacement Mount Kit for 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si (FG/FB)
Designed to fit the FG/FB chassis with K-Series engines.
96-00 Honda Civic Transmission Bracket Innovative Mounts 92-95 CIVIC & 94-01 INTEGRA B-SERIES REAR ENGINE BRACKET
Replacement Transmission Bracket for the 96-00 Honda Civic (EJ)
Designed to fit the EJ Civic chassis with B/D Series engines with hydraulic transmission.
Replacement Rear Engine Bracket (T-Bracket) for the 1992-1995 Honda Civic (EG) & the 1994-2001 Acura Integra (DC)
Designed to fit the EG Civic & DC Integra chassis, with B/D motors.